Monday, 2 June 2008

My first entry on my blog

Well here I am trying to set up a blog as it seems to be the in thing at the moment, to say I'm nervous is an understatement, but I'm sure I will get the hang of it.

I will probably be asking for a lot of help from my crafting friends over in the Crafts Beautiful Forum, I hope they will be patient with me, and gentle too lol.

I really hope I don't bore you all too much, I don't really do anything exciting, but I will try and write a little something each day.

Today started off really well, I got a delivery from the postman with items I won on ebay, it was like christmas, opening all the lovely packets, I have had some good bargains from there and some lovely things.

I managed to do a bit of crafting as well, that's a first for me lately, I get a lot of crafters block and it is soooo frustrating, especially when I have all these lovely things to play with, I think I'm just spoilt for choice lol.

Well that's about it for now until I get the hang of this.

If you have been reading this and think I should do it different, then feel free to tell me.


tiggertastic said...

Stunning cards, I really really like the flower one for the June swap it is so pretty.

Excellent blog page


Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

Excellent blog, you have got it spot on ! I shall be visiting again.

Love the butterfly card and its nice to see you enjoying your Cuttlebug.

I'll be back !

Jo xx

Jules said...

Beautiful work hun. Welcome to blogland :-)

Jules xxx

Sue said...

I like the site and will visit again. Well done, I haven't yet entered Blogland but maybe sometime soon I will. Rose red.

Craft Fairy said...

Well, it looks like you've made a good start to blogging. Nice to actually get to see all of those cards that the others have been raving about on Crafts Beautiful.
Lovely stuff.

Tuggybear said...

Wow! Great work hun. i love them all.

Love your blog too. I haven't got a crafty blog yet though I do have a neddy one. I will have to see about starting a crafty one though.

Will pop along and have a look again.

sheffsue said...

Welcome to blogland!...Love the cards.

Sue x

Cambiel said...

Fab start to your blog :-) The cards are lovely too. I shall look forward to visiting again xx

Lauren said...

lovely cards!!!! welcome to the land of blogging!!!! hope you have fun!!

Lauren xx

Emma B said...

this is beautiful nanny i really like the dolphins! oh and i know what you mean i set up blog with the help of everyone on the cb website too and didn't know what to put on it still don't really!!! my life is not that interesting! any way well done and keep up the good work!
Emma b xx

torpenhow07 said...

love the cards especially the butterfly one. I love anything to do with butterflies or dragonflies.
Like the start you have made to your blog, will visit again

Ultramum said...

This is great - love the cards you made and that ATC is fab :-)

Teddy Bear Teatime

Teddy Bear Teatime
My first try at watercolouring, I really enjoyed doing it and hope to do lots more

Card Swap Cards

Card Swap Cards
This was for Happy Birthday Female Floral and it went all the way to Malaysia

CB Card Swap Card

CB Card Swap Card
this is the card I made for the first card swap, Just For You

Second Card Swap card

Second Card Swap card
this is the card I made for the swap for Female Birthday

My first Cuttlebug Card

My first Cuttlebug Card
I treated myself to a Cuttlebug and made this card

Cleaning lady card

Cleaning lady card
I made this for my sons girlfriend who is always cleaning, she loved it.

Butterfly ATC

Butterfly ATC
I made this ATC with this lovely image that Sarah (Tiggertastic) designed and very kindly let us use, thank you Sarah


My first ever ATC, maybe not as good as some that I have seen, but as it was my first I don't think it's too bad.